“King of the Castle or Shadow King? “ 1

The Brain: Capable of running all our physiological functions (e.g. breathing, heartbeat, metabolism) Executes physical commands such as moving our arms, legs, process sound/noise to talk Has ability to process new information – learns and stores memories. Even gives us imagination. Therefore thoughts of the future or our wildest dreams and the infamous past. Enables feeling, both physical and emotional. We can physically feel tangible things/forms and have sensations (emotions) that are deeper inner body experiences like anxiety, bliss, calm, peace, laughter, happiness, sorrow, anger or frustration. Possesses the ability for self-talk. We all have them, the voices in our heads – private discussions; maybe even incessantly clamor about something someone said or did – even a song that won’t stop. Even more amazing and wilder? Have you noticed that there also exists a “Watcher” to those conversations – the “Intelligence” that is the peaceful passive awareness that witnesses the mental noise? If one is lucky enough to have most aspects of health, the brain does its job simultaneously 24 hours a day until the moment we die.  That is massively impressive technology by any consideration. With unmatched uptime and reliability.  No computer rivals its capacity on any level. Hmm, […]