Simply put, because life is incredible and worth living deeply and authentically. Because good exists — EVERYWHERE. Because being human and living life fully is simple and accessible; however embodying and embracing the simplicity is clouded by our powerful thinking mind. Because massive passion for the “doing of things”, great and small, is REAL — regardless being 2, 10, 21, 35, 79 or 106 years old.

Just because cultures, parents, media, religion, government, and individual thoughts condition us to believe happiness exists in forms and that finite time is the essence of life — does not make it true. Achieving the “next” thing, next moment, love, job, meal, vacation, etc is the norm. As a result, time and mental activity are allocated to analyzing and lamenting about the past. Consequently, we remain anxious, disillusioned and resistant to the present moment –diminishing the “now” and ones opportunity to live and love fully.

The goal of LQID Art is to

  • offer provoking content and inspire thought that challenges the norm of thinking in a effort to place focus on living in the “now”
  • encourage the acceptance of what is happening at this present moment
  • leverage and embrace the vast intelligence that all of the world/universe and therefore each individual possesses
  • expands one’s perspective while bringing a greater sense of connectedness, inner peace, and authenticity to life

The site is directed to those that desire to experience life more fully. By opening doors of thought through its content shared and discussed on the blog, social media or simply over a cocktail or two, new conversation replace media and mind-made “drama” with deeper more substantive discussion. The result — more authentic interactions and deeper connections to others. This site does not attempt to state right from wrong or rant about how one should and should not think, feel or act; it just asks one to remain open without judgment.