“King of the Castle or Shadow King? “ 1

The Brain:

  1. Capable of running all our physiological functions (e.g. breathing, heartbeat, metabolism)
  2. Executes physical commands such as moving our arms, legs, process sound/noise to talk
  3. Has ability to process new information – learns and stores memories. Even gives us imagination. Therefore thoughts of the future or our wildest dreams and the infamous past.
  4. Enables feeling, both physical and emotional. We can physically feel tangible things/forms and have sensations (emotions) that are deeper inner body experiences like anxiety, bliss, calm, peace, laughter, happiness, sorrow, anger or frustration.
  5. Possesses the ability for self-talk. We all have them, the voices in our heads – private discussions; maybe even incessantly clamor about something someone said or did – even a song that won’t stop.
  6. Even more amazing and wilder? Have you noticed that there also exists a “Watcher” to those conversations – the “Intelligence” that is the peaceful passive awareness that witnesses the mental noise?

If one is lucky enough to have most aspects of health, the brain does its job simultaneously 24 hours a day until the moment we die.  That is massively impressive technology by any consideration. With unmatched uptime and reliability.  No computer rivals its capacity on any level.

Hmm, is the brain, the thinking mind, really the “King of the Castle” or is it a “Shadow King”. If the brain is “King” why is unhappiness, anxiety, frustration and anger so prevalent in each of us? Why isn’t happiness and peaceful acceptance of oneself or that of others a challenge?

Maybe the thinking mind is like actor flaunting its bogus power – akin to a machine gone berserk that believes it is “in charge” of the entire operation when it’s simply a subroutine of a larger set of code — just a key member of the team? The question becomes who is the intelligence that is witness to our thoughts and actions?  Who is the being that knows the ultimate truth and is not fooled by the stories cultivated and played in our mind-made thoughts (little movies in our heads).

Perhaps that “Knower” is the real me – “the King”; my higher intelligence, my true essence. While the other is a “Shadow King”; a mere “wanna be” incapable of greatness. Is a shift in power necessary to bring full focus to the present? Is it even possible?

Where is all this going? Are you interested in what I am saying? Does anything I am talking about resonate — At all? Are you game to see where this discussion goes or wanting to further this discussion?  I am curious. I’d love to hear from you and expand on this or other like topics. But EVEN if you communicate with me, do one thing; further this discussion with someone and just see where the conversation goes.

I hope you continue to dive deeper into these and more concepts.  Who knows what will happen?  What I do know, It’s all predicated in goodness. Hope you tune in again or holler back. Until then – All peace and goodness to you. thanks.

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